Flip Diving Hack: Have fun at the beach

Flip Diving Hack: Have fun at the beach

Remember those gloomy days of winter when you are thinking about how amazing the summer vacation was? Well, with a game like Flip Diving Hack you don’t have to dream about summer anymore, you can just enjoy it whenever you want.

The game is developed by Miniclip and can be played on Android and iOS and any browser that supports Flash animations or HTML 5. And, the fact that it works in browser, allows you to play the game on any device, even though there is no special app for that device.

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Gameplay and Characters

The main purpose of the game is to perform diving flips and, as you advance, to make them more challenging. Your character usually jumps from high ground and the jump is graded according to the number of flips your character did and how he or she entered the water.

The jump place can be a platform with a weak structure, high cliffs, trampolines, trees, and even castles. The main idea is to enter the water as perfectly as possible and to avoid the rocks. While jumping, you also have to collect Unlimited Flip Diving Coins and Unlimited Flip Diving Tickets which will allow you to purchase new characters and unlock fun tricks to make the experience more interesting. The tricks you’ll learn while advancing in the game are reverse jumps, pikes, layouts, and more will be introduced in all the apps.

You will be rewarded for great water entry, but if your characters land on their back or front, you will be penalized with a few Flip Diving Coins. So, you have to pay attention to your acrobatics during the flip. Also, the goal is to manage to get as many coins as you can during one flip.

The characters are quite interesting as well as you will get to be either a businessman diving in a business suite or a bodybuilder, or you can even dive wearing a penguin suit. As you get more Flip Diving Coins and Flip Diving Tickets you’ll have the opportunity to add new characters to your team. Keep in mind that each diver will behave differently as they all are designed with different weights and skills.

Other features

Flip Diving Hack is fun because it comes with interesting details like ragdoll physics – this means your character won’t jump perfectly. The jump will look like you threw a ragdoll out the window and it can be unpredictable. This makes Flip Diving Hack dynamic and the Flip Diving Hack Coins hunt a bit more difficult than expected.

The number of spins you can make during the game are decided by your wealth. You can spend Flip Diving Tickets and Coins to increase your chances at getting something interesting but you should know that tickets can only be purchased with real money. Coins can be earned during diving flips, but they are useful in other situations as well.

You should also know that this game is not ad-free. Actually, you can earn money by watching promotional videos but, after a while, it can get a bit annoying.

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